Doug Orr's Interviews of Eleanor and Sandy in 2003

In 2003, Doug Orr spent several hours conducting interviews with Sandy and Eleanor in front of a video camera for the purposes of putting on the record his parents recollections of their early years and also of the initial years of their marriage which led to Hawthorne and Cibola.

These interviews resulted in four video recordings of about an hour each. They were conducted in a casual home setting. The recordings have been transferred to DVD and these DVDs will be made available to the community on a not-for-profit basis in the near future.

In the meantime, we have extracted ("ripped" in nerd parlance) the audio from the interviews, and these audio recordings are available here for listening and download. These audio recordings, in MP3 format, are unedited as to content, but the dynamic range has been reduced to enhance intelligibility and excess bandwidth has been reduced for smaller file sizes.

So here are the audio tracks of four interviews by Doug Orr of his parents. To simply play the audio, click on the button next to each description to open each recording - most modern browsers support playing .mp3 files. To download the .mp3 files for later playback, right-click on the links and save the files to your computer or digital device.

Doug asks Eleanor about her early childhood to high school. E'Orrs early years.
Sandy describes his life from high school to college and enlistment in WWII. Sandy the athlete.
Eleanor and Sandy talk about their transition together to camp counselors and school teachers working for Aggie O'Neill. To D.C. and Aggie.
Eleanor and Sandy move to Washington, D.C., meet movers and shakers, start Cibola, and decide to create Hawthorne. Origins of Cibola and Hawthorne.

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