Recovered Cibola Documents

Starting in about December, 2009, we have been collecting original Cibola documents for archiving. The first and perhaps the largest source of documents was a box of collected materials in a box that Sandy Orr found in the attic of his Herndon home. Other documents were sent to Steve K. by a few individuals who had kept them over these last 50 years, notably Ann Milstein. We have scanned many of these pages using text recognition software or using an image scanner. The resulting digital documents have been edited for errors and some images have been improved using PhotoShop and similar tools. We present these documents here, in various digital forms, as text, Adobe PDF, or as images.

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Documents from 1954 Here is a collection of letters to parents and other papers from the first year, 1954.
Early Fancy Brochure Brochure reconstructed from photocopies of brochure kept by the Orrs.
List of Campers 1955 Scanned from typewritten list that was marked up in longhand.
Equipment List 56? The original was undated, but it's simplicity and the spending money amount suggest one of the earliest summers.
List of Campers 1956 Scanned from typewritten list.
Itinerary 1956 Note the year is deduced from the dates. Memory suggests the 1957 itinerary was nearly identical.
Mailing Addresses 1958 So here is a form of Roster for 1958.
A marketing letter from 1959 Scanned from typewritten list that was marked up in longhand.
List of Campers 1959 Scanned from typewritten list that was marked up in longhand.
Parents' Letter 1959 Now here is a complete four page guide for parents. Every time I read this, I look around and say to myself "Let's go! Where's my sleeping bag?"
Mailing Addresses 1960 And here is a form of Roster for 1960.
Sketch of Ranch center Chip Minor drew this overhead (plan) view of the ranch buildings and layout.
Sketch of the Main Building This unsigned sketch of the main building is probably the work of Ken Marburg in 1960.
Orrs Visit Cibola 1987 A write-up (mostly by Sandy) of Eleanor and his visit in 1987 to the ranch, San Cristobal, and Taos.
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