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We were planning on gathering again in 2013 at the St. Bernard Hotel at the Taos Ski Valley, as a repeat of the very successful event in 2011. In November, 2012, the St. Bernard had agreed for us to take the weekend of August 9, 2013, at the St. Bernard, and we published this date to the GCH alumni. However, in April, 2013, the hotel said that through an error they needed to move our weekend to the 17th of August. We felt that we could not accept the change, and moved the gathering to Herndon, VA at the home of Sandy Orr. The gathering was not for profit.

Here are some images from the gathering in Herndon along with a few short video clips. Click on the thumbnail to open a full size image. Please send corrections to the identities to my email address on the Home page.

August 9: Friday afternoon and evening at Sandy's.
SK13-20. Sandy's welcoming sign at the front door.
SK13-1. Dave McNally, Molly Warner, Malcolm Oliphant, Paula Breymeyer, Sandy, Marcia Agronsky, Ellis Goldberg.
SK13-2. Sandy, Molly, Paula, Tom Conway, Malcolm, Marcia, Penny Keith.
SK13-3. Tom, Malcolm, Marcia, Penny, Sandy, Molly, Paula.
SK13-4. Ellis, Malcolm, Ric Nelson, Penny, Molly.
MW13-1. Marcia, Ric, John O'Hara.
MW13-2. Tom, Bronwin Stickney, Jay Vinton, Malcolm, Laura Sereno.
MW13-3. Laura.
MW13-4. Dana Sawyer, Ellis, Stowe Davison, Paula, Don Goldsmith.
MW13-5. Stowe, Paula, Don.
MW13-6. Paula, Don, Dana.
MW13-7. Paula, Don.
EG13-1. Molly.
EG13-2. Dave M., Molly.
EG13-3. Paula.
EG13-4. Malcolm.
EG13-5. Sandy.
EG13-6. Paula.
August 10: Saturday Morning at Sandy's, dinner at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern (a walk of 2 short blocks), and back at Sandy's for the evening ceremony and socializing.
SK13-5. Molly, Marcia, Penny, Paula, at the dining room table Saturday morning.
SK13-6. Paula, Sandy (supervisor), Molly, Marcia, Penny, with the peach cobbler for our return later from Jimmy's (Famous) Old Town Tavern.
SK13-7. Malcolm, Dave M., Dave Levinson.
SK13-8. Penny and Steve Knapp, who both attended Hawthorne in its first four years and had multiple summers at Cibola.
SK13-9. Penny, John, Marcia.
SK13-10. Paula, taking time out for herself in the patio.
Short video clip (.mov) #1. Short video clip (.mov) #2.>
EG13-8. Dave L., Malcolm, Dana, Stowe, Dave M.
SK13-11. The scene at Jimmy's (Famous) Old Town Tavern for Saturday dinner.
Short video clip (.mov) shot at dinner at Jimmy's (Famous!) Old Town Tavern. Short video clip (.mov) #3.>
SK13-12. Back in Sandy's living room after returning from Jimmy's: Distribution of the peach cobbler, and ice cream. Note that we have been joined by two late arrivals: Marvin Mostow, Mike Stalberg.
SK13-13. Distribution of Hawthorne and Cibola personal files. Here is Bronwin.
SK13-14. Applause.
SK13-15. More personal files: Stowe and Dave M; note Mike at left.
SK13-16. It is OK to laugh, you know?
August 11: Sunday Morning at Sandy's, and some good-byes.
SK13-17. Mike, Ellis, Paula, Penny, Marcia, Sandy, Molly.
SK13-18. Sandy, Penny, Marcia,
SK13-19. Ellis, Molly, Paula, Marcia.
Gallery of portrait images taken by Ellis Goldberg.
EG13-7. Dana.
EG13-9. Molly, Ric.
EG13-10. Ric.
EG13-11. Steve.
EG13-12. Ric.
EG13-13. Molly.
EG13-14. Paula.
EG13-15. Marcia.
EG13-16. Don.
EG13-17. Laura.
EG18-18. Marcia.
EG13-19. Jay.
EG13-20. Tom.
EG13-21. Bronwin.
EG13-22. Sandy.
EG13-23. Steve.
EG13-24. Stowe.
EG13-25. Don.
EG13-27. Molly.
MW13-8. Ellis, by Molly.
EG13-26. Molly, by Ellis.
Images by Molly, Ellis, and Steve.