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On the weekend of 18 June 2010, a gathering was held with Sandy Orr for "Sandy's Seniors". To qualify as a "Sandy's Senior" a kid had to have been a student of Sandy's at Georgetown Day School, Hawthorne School, or a camper at Cibola prior to September, 1960. Thus this was a 50th reunion of sorts. The gathering was held at the large house of Camille Yater in Georgetown, DE. A report of the gathering may be found in web browser form by clicking here.

Here are a number of images from the gathering. Click on the thumbnail to open a full size image. Note that we use original names throughout.

Manuela Gianturco was not able to come to the gathering. But Polly Breymeyer and Molly Warner met her for lunch before traveling to Delaware. Here are Polly and Manuela.
Molly, Polly, and Manuela.
John Field conveyed Lucia Murphy, Mandy Mayer, Fabi Romero, and Hale Darby to and from BWI in his rental car. This was an especially lovely way to save on transportation costs. Steve Knapp saved similarly with Gail Moerman and Lynne Harwood.
The Brick Hotel in Georgetown, DE. Our folks pretty much filled the Brick for the weekend. The Brick restaurant catered our Saturday dinner. Owner-Inkkeeper Lynn Lester was most helpful with fitting so many of us in her hotel.
This is Camille's large house. Camille went out of her way to make it ready for us.
Sandy Orr and Lynne Harwood, Thursday 17 June. Peter Kirley in background rents an apartment over the garage.
The rear patio at Camille's. Jay Vinton, Kandy Samuels, Sandy, Lucia Murphy, Steve Knapp, Lynne, Dana Sawyer.
Hale, Mandy in the backyard at a covered table. Camille provided tables and awnings.
Hale, Mandy, Tony Walters (cf. Sally Nerlove) at a covered table in the backyard, Friday. Grayson Mattingly at left rear.
Mary Ann Chase, Ann Starr, Jack Hunt, Sally Nerlove, Fabi Romero. Gazebo at rear.
Artists and media group in the gazebo. Grayson and Suzanne Mattingly.
Nanny Leibel, Polly, Bob Swain.
In the kitchen, Ric Nelson, Gail Moerman, Ann at left rear. Gail and Lynne came several days early as volunteers. Marilyn Campbell, who lives nearby in Delaware, gave great local assistance in preparing for the meals. Ric Nelson also arrived a day early and stayed a day extra and was very helpful with set up and tear down, just as he had been half a century earlier.
Judy (Jude) Gilbert, Penny, Mary Ann, and Ann. The Saturday lunch pizza has arrived, in the insulated delivery bags in the foreground. Mary Ann was the organizer of the meals, and Ann was a key kitchen volunteer during the event. It looks like a moment of concern for them, but not for Penny and Judy.
Bob Swain and Jay in the gazebo, which also attracted Hawthorne folks in addition to artists and media.
Molly and Sue Harris at a covered table.
Jack Hunt and Liz Searles, with Lucia and John Field in the background.
Sally, Sandy, and Fabi.
Jack and Bill Winter with Bonnie Bick.
Joe Ferber, Peggy Winter, Sue.
Jack, Marcia Agronsky, Sally and Mandy in background. Looks like pizza lunch.
Joe, Steve.
Sue, Jack.
Jack, Liz.
Steve White, Polly.
Kitchen Officers. Of all the images contributed for this page, there is not one with Marilyn Campbell, who was an important member of the kitchen team. We regret this misfortune.
Suzanne, Grayson, Jan Fogelgren.
Jack, Gail.
Judy, Fabi, Mandy, Tony Bryan (back to camera).
Dana Sawyer, Hale, John F.
Assembly Time! Folks getting seated in Camille's living room for the Assembly called by Sandy. Lucia, Fabi, John F.
John F., Peggy, Steve K., Dana.
Dana, Sue, Penny, Liz, Ann.
Ann, Hale, Nanny, Jay, Kandy, Ric.
Kandy, Ric, Gail, Polly.
Sandy is calling for quiet. The boxes at this feet contain the "kids" files from Hawthorne School and from Cibola. Sandy is going to award these files to each kid. Kandy demonstrating a cell phone again.
The beginning of the Awarding of the Records. Sandy and the files. Not quite WikiLeaks, but close.
Sally, Tony Walters, Lynn, Mandy, Molly, Suzanne.
Molly, Suzanne, Bob, Grayson, Lucia, Fabi.
Ric, Kandy, Marcia, Jay, Nanny, Mary Ann, Camille, Joe, Sue, Jack, Ann, Liz, Penny, Bonnie, Bill, Peggy, John F.
Golfers: Do not bet against this man. He has brought younger players to tears.
And, he does not use a golf cart.
Bonnie, Liz, Ann, Sue, Jack, Joe, Mary Ann.
Sally, Tony W., Steve K., Lynne, Mandy.
Mary Ann always was funny in the Hawthorne years. She always cracked everyone up. See, nothing changes.
Camille enjoying the show.
Penny, Bonnie, Liz, Bill, Ann, Sue, Mary Ann, Joe.
The Headmaster.
Ditto, Head(master).
Grayson, Penny, Liz, Bonnie, Bill, Ann, Joe, Mary Ann, Jack, Hale, Nanny, Jay, Marcia.
There is a certain preoccupation at this point about what damaging information was in the files, especially by folks with connections to Washington.
Some seemed to get it.
The second part of the assembly was devoted to Vocal Remembrances. Here Ann is reading her tone poem about Cibola.
Marcia, Nanny, Jay, Kandy, Don Goldsmith, Mary Ann, Polly, Steve, Sandy.
Ann and audience.
Gordy Davidson (C.F.), Molly, Liz, Caroline Feiss
Steve K. instead of Gordy
Macomb Street Gang, plus Molly, minus Steve K.
Marcia and Sue.
And Penny and Ann.
Bonnie, Gordy.
Ric Nelson, Camille.
Liz Searles starts a series of imaging portraits contributed by our folks with cameras.
Steve Knapp.
Molly Warner.
Mary Ann Chase.
Marcia Agronsky.
Penny Keith.
Caroline Feiss.
Nanny Leibel.
Peggy Winter.
Bill Winter.
Jay Vinton.
Jack Hunt.
Marcia Agronsky.
Jan Fogelgren.
Ed Trickett is our last portrait. Ed and Joe Ferber may have attended Cibola more summers than any persons except Eleanor, Sandy, Gabriel Romero and Carlos Trujillo. The songs took us home to Cibola.
Jack Hunt, Dana Sawyer.
Ric Nelson, Bill Winter.
Some folks hung around at an informal Sunday semi-brunch. Here are several images taken while Marcia and Polly anchored a miniconference on the newly identified and very timely medical subject of AAADD, which is "Age-Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder".
A team of experts led by Ric Nelson and Sandy dismantled the canopies.
And then on Sunday there were the last chats and good byes.
The 2010 GCH gathering of Sandy's Seniors was produced and managed by Camille Yater, Mary Ann Chase, and Steve Knapp, with overall guidance by Sandy Orr, inventor of the SandyMatic Rejuvenation Machine.