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Pictures of Cibola

1960 and Earlier

Steve Knapp has assembled a slide show containing over 900 images from the beginnings of Cibola through the 1960 summer. It was originally shown at the Sandy's Seniors gathering in June, 2010. Click here.

1961 and Later

Here is another slide show started in December 2010 with scans of photos by Howie Mitchell in 1961. If you have photos from and period of Cibola, please contact Steve. Please send your name ID's for the captions; one per line; use format: PicName TAB name1, name2, name3, etc. Click here.

Roger Eichholz has sent some pictures from the early days of Cibola.

Grayson Mattingly visited the ranch in 1970.

If you have pictures of Cibola you would like to contribute to these pages, please contact Steve Knapp:

Last updated November 06, 2010